Fontecoat FD 20: a unique product for sustainable corrosion protection

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Jens Gravesen, Group Key Account Manager at Tikkurila, has worked in the coating business for over 30 years, with the last 20 spent sharing his expertise with colleagues and customers at Tikkurila. Driven by his background in chemistry, he believes that sales should always begin with technical expertise and the ability to offer customers a competitive advantage with something they can’t get anywhere else. In this blog post he talks about one of his customers’ favourite products: Fontecoat FD 20.

Fontecoat FD 20: a unique product for sustainable corrosion protection

Corrosion resistance for heavy-duty construction projects has typically always been provided by solvent-borne epoxies. As an industry pioneer when it comes to sustainable painting, Tikkurila spent some years researching and developing an alternative: a water-borne epoxy that still meets the exacting needs of the market with excellent corrosion resistance for steel structures. We managed to come up with a water-borne product that could be used in the same applications as solvent-borne alternatives – and importantly offered the same high level of corrosion resistance. This product was Fontecoat FD 20.

Ticks every box – and a few more besides

Fontecoat FD 20 is unique on the market, a water-borne epoxy that offers sustainable corrosion protection in one direct-to-metal layer. Although it was developed for use as a single-coat paint and has fantastic self-priming properties it can also be used as a separate primer, as an intermediate coat in epoxy/polyurethane systems, or as a topcoat. Fontecoat FD 20 meets the most common requirements of the ISO 12944-5:2019 standard, and we have tested some systems against ISO 12944-6:2018, which specifies laboratory test methods and test conditions for assessing the corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems.

But unlike alternatives that lose their gloss and colour over time, Fontecoat FD 20 maintains its appearance long-term and can be tinted to any desired colour, which is a huge advantage for our customers. The technology behind this unique product is cutting edge – thanks to our thorough and extensive testing and commitment to quality, durability and safety we have managed to answer not only our customer’s needs, but their wants as well.

Quick to apply and quick to dry

Fontecoat FD 20 is easy to apply with good sagging values and excellent corrosion resistance that provides long-term protection for steel. It can be applied in thick layers, has good hiding power and provides proper wetting of welding seams. The thick layers are just one of the factors that make the painting process faster and reduce overall costs. Fontecoat FD 20 also dries and cures extremely quickly, with surfaces touch dry in just two hours at room temperature. In fact, with IR gas dryers the surface can be touch dry in just 10 minutes, allowing the product to be loaded onto a lorry and ready for installation in a much shorter time frame, reducing downtime and providing further cost and energy savings.

Sustainability as standard

With its extremely low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), M1 approval and compliance to LEED and BREEAM certifications, Fontecoat FD 20 is arguably the most sustainable product available to protect heavy-duty steel from corrosion. It’s also more user friendly to apply as, along with being water-borne, it creates less dust when sprayed. And because Fontecoat FD 20 has very good resistance against mechanical and chemical stress, it offers a long maintenance interval, bringing even more cost and environmental benefits.

The future of Fontecoat FD 20

At the moment we sell Fontecoat FD 20 in semi-matt and semi-gloss versions, but we’re considering expanding the offering with a paint that has the same specifications but a higher gloss level.  We are always looking for ways to develop our products, and if enough of our customers are asking for something you can guarantee we’ll be looking into whether it’s possible – that’s how we work. Our research is always a little bit ahead of what’s currently possible, trying to find ways to bring advantages to our customers that help them get the edge over their competitors. Adding value for customers – sustainably – is at the heart of what we do.

To hear more about Fontecoat FD 20 please don't hesitate to contact our experts.

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